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Thanks to the 75 people that took our survey. If you would like to take the survey to let us know how we did, log in and click the Survey button on the top menu.

Latest News:

Thank You, New Mustang Alley Survey, & PHOTOS!

Mustang Alley Participants-

Thank you again for attending the 16th Annual Mustang Alley!  We had what we believe to be yet another record braking year in all aspects.  Capacity registration at the Plant Tour, Track Experience and Mustang Alley!  Once the final count is in we are also expecting a record setting amount of money raised to benefit our charities! 

Incidentally, the winning ticket for the 2015 one-of-a-kind Mustang GT Convertible is ticket number P17135.  The owner has been notified.

We are still crunching the data and once we have a final count we’ll post actual numbers.  In the meantime, we’d like to get some feedback from you.  We’ve posted a brief survey to the website and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and fill it out.  We’d like to know how we are doing and what, if anything we can improve on for next year to make 2015 the best Mustang Alley ever.   We’ve even included an optional name and E mail address field if you would like a response to your comments. 

You can find the survey on the menu bar above after you log in; you must be logged in to see the button on the menu.

Also – those of you who were interested in the pictures from all three days – our photographers have posted the pics and they are now available online – free of charge at this link:


All years photos are available, so make sure to click the 2014 link at the top to see this year’s event!

Thank you again for participating in Mustang Alley – We couldn’t do this without you!


Mustang Alley Events Set to Kick Off!

Several of you have E mailed- the answer is YES! Despite the deluge of rain we received this week, ALL MUSTANG ALLEY EVENTS ARE ON AS SCHEDULED!  Plant Tour Thursday, Track Event Friday, Mustang Alley, East Nine Mile at Woodward on Saturday.  

For those driving in from lands of far far away, feel free to check this site by the Michigan Department of Transportation - it will show you local roadways where there are active incidents and road closures.  http://mdotnetpublic.state.mi.us/drive/  This link is a service provided by the  State of Michigan. Mustang Alley cannont guarantee the accuracy of this information.  

Track Event Update 6/28/2014

As we expected, you hit our site with record numbers to register for the Track event yesterday.  We reached our limit for the attendees and the wait list and closed registration sometime around Noon on Friday.  

For those who successfully registered for the event, we will be sending you an E mail no later then Monday (6/30) to inform you of your status.  You will either receive an invitation to the Track Event or a wait list notification.  An early CONGRATS! to all of those who will receive an invitation!  

On a side note - Ford Motor Company Product Development and Manufacturing Operations will begin the summer shutdown next week which will last through the 4th of July.  Some of the Mustang Alley Team will be here, others will not.  If you send us E mail, responses may be delayed.  Rest assured that we have your message and will respond by the week of July 7th.

In the mean time - we hope you and your family have a safe and happy 4th of July.  We are another month closer to the 16th Annual Mustang Alley!