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Latest News:

613 cars are registered for this years event.

Its come to our attention that some registrations were not completely submitted.  If you submitted a registration and DID NOT receive an automated E mail from the Mustang Alley site - your registration did not get saved.  As a double check, the who's registered list is now live.  Click the registration button above, and then click on who's registered.  Check and make sure you are listed.  If not - hit the registration link and try it again.  Once submitted completely the site will send you an automated E mail to confirming the information you sent was received.  Any questions, Click the CONTACT US button above and ask!  See you in just over a week!

We are just two weeks plus a day away from Mustang Alley!  Are you excited?  We are!

We are getting word that the City of Ferndale along with VFW posts 1407 (Ferndale) and 9507 (Madison Heights) are conspiring to raffle off a 2016 SHELBY GT350 later this year.  Tickets are $100 each with a limited production run.  Tickets can be purchased at the Alley from the VFW and the city.  BUY EARLY BUY OFTEN!  We'll post more info as it becomes available or you can E mail us at the contact us link above and we'll forward any additional info we recieve.

While you have some time waiting for the greatest Mustang event on Earth... Why don't you surf on over to the City of Ferndales' cruise site and see what other activities will be happening in and around Mustang Alley this year.  You can find Ferndales site here: http://ferndaledreamcruise.com/ 


Many of you are asking – you are not required to log in to register for this years event.  To register, simply click on the registration button from the menu bar above and fill out the form.  Simple.  Easy.  We thought you’d like it!  Now sign up and we’ll see you at the Alley!  Any questions – use that little CONTACT US button from the menu bar!


Has veryone recovered from your Mustang 50th anniversary hangover?  We hope so, because it’s time to prepare for the 17th annual Mustang Alley!  We apologize for the delay in getting the site back up and running but here it is!  Registration is now open.  Click the registration button above and sign up!

We regret to inform you that this year’s program will be a shortened event.  Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Home of the Mustang, is going through some major changes this year and we were unable to secure the date for the Plant tour.  The Dearborn Development Center, the usual location for the Mustang Alley Track Experience, is getting a face lift and having new drive surfaces installed.  Due to the construction work, we are unable to host an event at the track this year.

We look forward to seeing all of you on August 15th at Mustang Alley on 9mile @ Woodward!

Any questions- please hit the contact us button above!

Rules for this year’s event:

  • The registration period is from now to August 14, 2015. Ensure you fill out all required fields so that we may contact you with logistics information prior to Dream Cruise weekend. There are changes in this year’s event versus what many of you have experienced in past years.
  • You must use a valid E-mail address that can be verified to register.
  • Gates open for parking at 7:00 am.
  • Parking will be first come first serve – With the exception of the Snake Pit, there will be no designated lots for clubs or specific models this year
  • The City of Ferndale collects a $20 fee to park in Mustang Alley, to be paid at the entrance to Mustang Alley.
  • Participants will be allowed to cruise in and out of Mustang Alley however you cannot reserve your space.
  • For safety reasons, when exiting Mustang Alley you must be escorted by a parking attendant.
  • Security will be provided during the entire event for those who choose to wander about.

New rules this year

We require your Phone number and License Plate number this year on the registration form.  It will assist us in contacting you should an emergency situation arise with your vehicle at the Alley.  As with all Mustang Alley data – we will not share this information with ANYONE – for any reason, ever.  We will only use it to contact you should an emergency occur.


Questions can be submitted via email using the “Contact Us” button on the menu. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Enjoy Mustang Alley!