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Latest News:

Mustang Alley Events Set to Kick Off!

Several of you have E mailed- the answer is YES! Despite the deluge of rain we received this week, ALL MUSTANG ALLEY EVENTS ARE ON AS SCHEDULED!  Plant Tour Thursday, Track Event Friday, Mustang Alley, East Nine Mile at Woodward on Saturday.  

For those driving in from lands of far far away, feel free to check this site by the Michigan Department of Transportation - it will show you local roadways where there are active incidents and road closures.  http://mdotnetpublic.state.mi.us/drive/  This link is a service provided by the  State of Michigan. Mustang Alley cannont guarantee the accuracy of this information.  

Track Event Update 6/28/2014

As we expected, you hit our site with record numbers to register for the Track event yesterday.  We reached our limit for the attendees and the wait list and closed registration sometime around Noon on Friday.  

For those who successfully registered for the event, we will be sending you an E mail no later then Monday (6/30) to inform you of your status.  You will either receive an invitation to the Track Event or a wait list notification.  An early CONGRATS! to all of those who will receive an invitation!  

On a side note - Ford Motor Company Product Development and Manufacturing Operations will begin the summer shutdown next week which will last through the 4th of July.  Some of the Mustang Alley Team will be here, others will not.  If you send us E mail, responses may be delayed.  Rest assured that we have your message and will respond by the week of July 7th.

In the mean time - we hope you and your family have a safe and happy 4th of July.  We are another month closer to the 16th Annual Mustang Alley! 


Watson Tour and Track Event Registration 6/24/2014

Watson Tour update:

A Watson Racing tour will take place on the afternoon of Thursday August 14th.  For those of you on the wait list for the plant tour – here is a good alternative for the afternoon.  This year the tour is being presented by our friends at the Mustang Owners Club of South Eastern Michigan (MOCSEM).  Registration for this tour is available on their site by clicking the following link http://www.mocsem.com/events/event_calendar_v2.php?eventid=795

Mustang Alley Track Experience registration update:

Registration for the Mustang Alley Track Experience will be open on FRIDAY JUNE 27, 2014 

Here are the requirements and the process for registration for the Track Experience:

  • You do not need to be logged in to the Mustang Alley site to register for the track event
    • From the home page click the REGISTRATION button on the top header, when the track event registration is open a button will appear under that menu that says TRACK REGISTRATION
  • You must be registered for Mustang Alley to attend the track event
    • Please use the same E-mail and phone number you used to register for Mustang Alley. We need to be able to verify your Saturday registration.  
    • If we cannot locate your Saturday Mustang Alley registration, your track event registration will be rejected.
  • Preference will be given to those who did not attend the Track Experience in 2013 – This includes your guest
    • If you attended the event in 2013 and register for the 2014 event, you will be automatically placed at the end of the wait list.  
    • If we make it through the wait list and still have open spots, you will be given another opportunity to attend.
  • You MUST drive a Mustang to this event.
  • You may bring ONE guest to this event – for a total of two people per car.  
  • Please register only ONE vehicle.  If there are two people traveling together with two Mustangs, please pick only one car and ride together.  This will allow us to get two additional people into the event.
  • Everyone attending this event MUST be at least 18 Years of age as of August 15, 2014.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS
    • The most recent registration submission will determine your place in line.  If you register at the opening of registration, and then register a second time an hour later, your previous information will be overwritten and you will be moved to whatever place in line was available at the time of the second registration.
  • We will immediately confirm that we have your registration information – this will only confirm we have your information- it DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in the event
    • When you click submit, if the form was filled out correctly you will be redirected to a confirmation page to verify we have your information.
    • You will receive an E-mail shortly after you submit your registration to confirm we have received your information.
  • We will accept more registrations than are able to attend the event in order to create a wait list
    • We want to get as many people as possible to attend the Track Experience.  Some of you that are accepted will have to cancel.  We hope you will appreciate that we want to be able to invite others to fill the empty spots when they arise, in order to do that we need to have a wait list

Once registration is closed we will use the following process to select the participants:

  • Compare Track registration to Alley registration
    • Any track registrations that cannot be matched by E mail address or phone number to a registration to Mustang Alley will be removed
  • Compare Track registration to the 2013 Track participant list
    • Anyone that attended in 2013 will be placed at the end of the wait list
  • The first 100 cars, in received order after the above two conditions are met will receive an invitation to the track event with detailed rules and instructions
  • Any cars registered after the first 100 vehicles invited will receive a wait listed E mail
  • The participation of this event is limited to 100 cars and a maximum of 200 people